The Calling

Sakred Noir literally means The Sacred Dark.  To ride the road unseen and trust in your soul it will take you where you want to go.
A higher knowing.  
Leave fear behind and embrace the unknown. 
Live outside the lines. Burn your comfort zone to ashes. 
We are born sovereign beings: Wild, Sakred and Free.


Who We Are

 Sakred Noir is the dark and alluring consummation of taking a metaphorical leap into the unknown and turning our passion for creating shiny things and motorcycle-streetwear designs into a dream career.
Inspired by societies rebels, outsiders and creative souls hungry to shape this broken beautiful world for the better; while looking bad-ass at the same time.
 Our ethos is to create something unique and ever evolving that speaks both to and for its wearer. Unapologetically bypassing short lived trends in favour of
timeless style mixed with high quality artistry. Using high-quality precious metals and gemstones, with a predilection for sterling silver and anything
b l a c k,  of course. 
 We incorporate eco-conscious resources at every level, using recycled 925 sterling silver and gold. All of our jewellery is handmade in small batches in a boutique studio in Bali, and hand finished in our studio in Vancouver, BC.
Sakred Noir is your wake up call …whispering to take that first step into the Sakred Dark, an unknown path of alchemy.