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'Ara' Skull Ring
$225.00 CAD
Memories Not Dreams Pendant
Twisty Cone Pendant
$135.00 CAD

MMX VII - high quality Timeless Designs

unicorn skull necklace goth jewelry handmade sterling silver
fox pendant with moon sterling silver edgy jewelry
$125.00 CAD
Nyx Sphynx Cat Ring
$119.00 CAD
kitty cat sphynx necklace with moon sterling silver goth jewelry
bunny rabbit mask necklace sterling silver
$125.00 CAD
pentagram star pendant unisex sterling silver goth jewelry
$95.00 CAD
fox ring with moon sterling silver goth jewelry
$119.00 CAD
audio jack pendant necklace unisex sterling silver music jewelry
$280.00 CAD
pentagram star ring sterling silver handmade goth jewelry
$85.00 CAD
Affirm Key
$185.00 CAD

About us


Our designs are unique and ever evolving. Speaking both to and for its wearer, you. We unapologetically bypass short lived trends in favour of timeless style mixed with high quality artistry.